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1. Retune your tenor banjo

Open G tuning DGdg matches the open strings and range of the 5-string banjo open G tuning gDGBd. The high g string is now on the treble side.

Starting from CGda, just retune two outer strings.

Irish low GDae tuning shall be changed to open D tuning ADad instead. Note you will match the strings of DADgad tuning.

2. Buy the fingerpicks

To emulate the 5-string banjo sound I use the standard set of plastic thumbpick and two metal fingerpicks for my index and middle finger.

I plant just my little finger on the banjo head during fingerpicking.

For frailing (clawhammer) techniques I use my ring fingernail, covered with reversed plastic fingerpick.

3. Explore new sounds

If you are flatpicking tenor banjo player, you can now easily play frailing and fingerpicking styles without buying 5-string banjo.

DGdg tenor banjo is also ideal second instrument for fingerpicking guitar player as you can trade the picking patterns.

Become the "first generation" tenor banjo fingerpicker!